Maintenance Service

A key part of our housing solution is that of providing a high quality Maintenance and Property Repair service.

This service is provided to all our citizens in all housing options and is available on a general repair request, scheduled works or emergency response basis. It functions 24/7 and can respond swiftly across our entire Aspire Supported Living areas.

As with all properties things can go wrong, whether that be a burst pipe, heating failure, leaking tap, broken lock or all manner of other household related issues. In the first instance though we would always work to try and eliminate these problems by working pro-actively. With this in mind every visit to a property, made by one of our support or tenancy team members, includes a basic property inspection. Any issues picked up during this process are then fed directly to our maintenance team for attention.

Of course a basic check can only pick up on basic issues. So in addition to these checks our dedicated property team complete a full and very stringent periodic property inspection once a month. This includes everything from light bulbs, and door handle operation through to electrical circuit indication testing and operation checks of showers, cooking equipment and laundry facilities. Again the beauty of this process is the ability to pick up on minor problems before they become serious issues, and to pass them direct to our maintenance team.

In addition to the internal maintenance and repair elements of our properties we also complete the full range of external household tasks.

We complete all garden and grounds works, including grass cutting, pruning, litter removal and other necessary gardening tasks throughout the year. Alongside this we clean all external windows and when necessary empty and clean gutters and drain pipes.

The maintenance service is delivered by a combination of internal team members and a list of approved contractors. In all cases the works completed are of the highest standard, and fully legislative compliant. We also ensure that all maintenance team members and contract staff are fully aware of the nature of our citizens and work with care and respect at all times when within their property.