Our Operational Partners

In order to be able to deliver the Aspire Supported Living housing solution to the highest of standards we engage with a considerable number of external companies and organisations. In all cases of course these are checked, verified and monitored to ensure their service is to the standards required.

Wherever possible we always source supplies, and contract services from wihtin the local market. In addition, wherever possible if a Social Enterprise or other similar community based organisation exists and is able to deliver an appropriate standard service then we will generally always endeavour to offer the work to them. We feel that in adopting this “Local First” approach we are best able to give back to the local comunity and economy.

At the point of generating this page, we are currently working with several local organisations, that are helping us to deliver our systems and services. We have sparkling clean windows at all of our properties and offices, our gardens are all blossoming thanks to our dedicated gardeners.

In addition to our existing measures noted here we also work very closely with our local Job Centers to promote local recruitment for any posts that become available within Aspire Supported Living.

Another element of choosing to use local providers for our services is that in turn we are then able to work with them to offer work-experience positions to our citizens. This invaluable facility enables our citizens to progress beyond static training courses and workshop based interview practise etc, and out into the real world of employment.

If you are reading this and feel that your own company or organisation would be a good addition to our service, and you are locally based, then please do Get in Touch.