Support Program

The Aspire Supported Living solution is a fully supported housing system, with our dedicated team of Home Support Workers in place to offer a fully focused tenancy related support service.

In terms of the amount, nature and timing of support to be delivered this is fully dynamic and varies per citizen. It is then generally also the case that over a period of time the amount of support required by a citizen to achieve their personal goals will vary, and this is constantly reviewed and adjusted up or down by our support team accordingly.

Of course there will always be occasions when something goes wrong in a citizens life. So it is here that our system has been made flexible enough to adapt and deliver that amount of support that is necessary at that time.

One key element of this flexible support is our 24/7 on call facility, enabling citizens to get in touch at that all important initial stage of a problem or situation. With senior members of the team at the end of the phone line we are then able to deliver immediate emotional and practical support as required. In addition we can of course also signpost or liaise with other agencies or support services.
In terms of delivering support to our citizens this begins before they even move into their new housing solution.

Once referred to our system a Tenant Information File is opened and then a Tenancy Pre-Assessment Session scheduled. Once complete a decision can then be made on an appropriate housing option, and also the information can be combined with referral data and the citizens own input to confirm a support plan. The support plan is then used to determine, schedule and plan the support element of our housing solution.

As soon as a citizen moves into their accommodation a member of the support team will visit to introduce themselves and confirm they are settled in ok. At the same time they will support the citizen to complete initial core tenancy support elements of GP registration, banking and utility bill set up, and local area orientation. As this can a time consuming process this initial session may in actual fact be a number of sessions.

Once all of the initial elements are complete then our support team will work closely to support citizens in working towards their highlighted personal goals.