Quality Housing ...

At the core of our values within the Aspire Supported Living housing solution is that of ensuring our citizens are provided quality housing.

It’s a simple concept, that besides it being a fundamental right for everyone to live in a warm, safe and secure environment. In us providing above average quality surroundings our citizens are better able to identify with and strive towards a potential independent future of their own, whilst respecting their surroundings during the journey.

We offer a wide range of accommodation options within our housing solution. These range from a room in a shared house or flat, to bedsits, studio apartments and self contained flats. All these options are selected for inclusion within our system only after being carefully inspected and vetted to verify they meet our exacting standards.

In selecting properties to include within our housing solution we work hard to consider not just our needs, but also those of the local and wider community. With this in mind we would always ensure that any potential impact of our system and the citizens within it is minimised as much as possible. This approach continues when we are looking to identify individual citizens for specific housing locations, and a great deal of effort is put into matching citizens with not only other citizens in a property, but also with the local community.

Across the whole housing solution our basic premiss is that almost all of our citizens will at some point want to be living in, and be able to manage appropriately, a self contained flat.

It is a fact however that each citizens own personal abilities to manage a tenancy vary dramatically and when making a home offer proposal we would always take many different factors into consideration before determining the most appropriate option at that time. In the majority of cases this will mean the first stage of the Aspire Supported Living solution will see citizens offered a shared housing option.

The system though is a progressive one, and as citizens demonstrate their ability to manage more independently an offer to move on to a studio or self contained flat may be made.

In all cases, and regardless of housing option, our support team will be engaged at all times and delivering appropriate levels of support to ensure tenancies are maintained.