Social Engagement

It is important to us that all of our citizens appreciate the value of their local and wider community, and also the role that they can play within it.

With the above in mind we encourage and support all of our tenants to get out and about into the community. This could be on an individual basis, following specific personal goals in their support plan, or as part of one of our Aspire Community Experience or ACE events.

Our ACE events are scheduled monthly and can vary from football in the park to a museum or cinema visit. The aim in all cases is of course to expose our citizens to what’s on offer outside their front door.

Once we can demonstrate what’s on offer in the community we would hope this acts as another encouragement for our citizens to continue to progress towards their own personal goals.

An additional element of our efforts towards developing our citizens social skills, and also in an effort to further improve our own systems, we invite our tenants to participate in our regular tenant and partner engagement meetings. These are held at our head office facility and are open to all tenants, neighbours, referring agencies, local authorities and partner organisations. The purpose is to review and highlight any areas of our system that need attention or adjustment, to better improve the system for all involved.

Of course what’s on offer is never enough and it is here that our tenant engagement team are always working hard to come up with new and innovative ideas for social events and activities throughout the year.

It is hoped that in the future we will be able to develop the overall concept of social engagement to the maximum. In order to facilitate this we are aiming to bring everything together, from skills learned in training programs, to work experience and vocational elements, local community backers and referring agencies to create, develop and launch a number of social enterprises.

Where and how far we can take this part of the Aspire Supported Living system really is almost limitless and the only boundaries being that of time and imagination!