What We Do

Aspire Supported Living are a Community Interest Company dedicated to making a difference to the lives of disadvantaged citizens in Birmingham, the surrounding areas and right across the UK.

We work with and assist a broad range of citizens from an equally broad range of backgrounds. These backgrounds include ex-offender, homeless, addiction, ex-services personnel and mental illness. All of which would be unable to access housing from within the mainstream housing market.

We believe firmly that a simple provision of housing is not a long term solution to any citizens needs. With this in mind we have developed the Aspire Supported Living housing solution. Whereby with a broad ranging and fully encompassing approach to our work, we include far more than just accommodation in our housing solution.

Of course safe, secure and good quality housing is at the very heart of what we do, however this is just a start.

As soon as appropriate housing has been provided, our support team begin their work. These dedicated members of our team work on a floating basis and are there to help wherever needed to ensure our citizens can maintain their tenancy. This could be in assisting with housing benefit, council tax, utility bills or housing maintenance, through to signposting and support for mental health or addiction issues.

Our support though does not end with the basics. We genuinely do want all our citizens to be given every opportunity they can to be able to turn their life around and get back on their own two feet. It is here that we work to establish a personal progression plan with all our citizens and then from this put in place a system of steps in order to achieve their highlighted personal goals.

It could be that these personal goals are health, social, financial, emotional, qualification or vocational based. Or in the majority of cases a combination of all of these elements.

Of course the Aspire Supported Living system can not operate in isolation and as such we work closely with a large number of partner organisations and our own citizens. It is from these close working relationships that we are able to continually evolve and develop our system to be the best possible.